Tie Dye Kits 

Mail Order takes 7-21 working days to ship, subject to availability of imported chemicals. 


Box Kits

We pre-pack convenient kits with selections of different colours for every taste.

The pre-packed kits contain dye powder and the added salt and fixative that you need to dye natural plant fibers like cotton. You will also find an apron and gloves in the box. Just add water and fabric! You get 20ml of dye powder in each colour that can dye up to ten T-shirts, depending on the size of the garments and the techniques used.

This means that a Box Of 5 can dye up to 50 T-shirts! For best results use 100% cotton shirts. Polyester/cotton blends will give pastel results.

Use the easy order form below for the Box Kits, or contact us today at info@dyeandprints.co.za for a complete order form with all of the products on.

You can get a Box Of 1 in any of the colors for R199 each.

Bulk Dye

For those of you who just want the chemicals without the frills, we have 250g, 500, and 1kg packs in all of our 14 colors. The Bulk Dye is the most cost effective way to buy. We do not supply the salt and soda ash (fixative) with the Bulk Dye. These products are available far more cheaply at your local Makro or swimming pool store, than we can supply them to you. The extra chemicals also add considerably to the cost of shipping and our customers generally prefer to source their own.

For every 1kg of dye you will need 4kg of salt and 1kg of soda ash. The ratio of the chemicals is


1     :    4   :    1