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Social Activist

I have always had a heart for social entrepreneurship and have always wrapped charities and social enterprises into my work. At the beginning of 2017 I started my most successful social enterprise by far when I started the Up-Cycled Cloth Collective.

This Facebook Group has mushroomed to more than 56000 members and is driving social change to shift perceptions about textiles and how we use them as a resource. This global social experiment is encouraging members to share their experiences to inspire others to do the same.

Social Network Marketing Mentoring

In the wake of the success of this community, many people are asking me for more mentoring and training around building effective social networks. If you are looking for...

    mentoring and support to set up your own networks

    support to work out a general social network strategy for your specific business

    help from me to personally set up and run your social networks

    speak at your event

    train your group of people

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Some of you have asked if I will share your products and services across my extensive networks. Please get in touch and ask me for my Influencers Rate Sheet if you would like to explore this option further?