We supply a selection of dyes for different fibers including...

* reactive dyes for plant fibers containing cellulose like cotton, linen, hemp, rayon, denim, bamboo and viscose

* dyes for animal fibers and fibers containing proteins like wool, mohair, lycra and silk

The products are available in a range of different pack sizes from 20ml to 1kg, in fourteen colors. Click through to the link below for our welcome pack that includes detailed information about...

* pricing

* human and environmental safety

* suitable fabrics

* pack sizes

* bulk options

* becoming a Slipstream stockist 

Orders take 7-21 working days to ship, subject to availability.


Box Kits

We pre-pack convenient kits with selections of different colours for every taste.

The pre-packed kits contain dye powder and the added salt and fixative that you need to dye natural plant fibers like cotton. You will also find an apron and gloves in the box. Just add water and fabric! You get 20ml of dye powder in each colour that can dye up to ten T-shirts, depending on the size of the garments and the techniques used.

This means that a Box Of 5 can dye up to 50 T-shirts! For best results use 100% cotton shirts. Polyester/cotton blends will give pastel results.

Use the easy order form below for the Box Kits, or contact us today at for a complete order form with all of the products on.

You can get a Box Of 1 in any of the colors for R165 each.

Bulk Dye

For those of you who just want the chemicals without the frills, we have 250g, 500, and 1kg packs in all of our 14 colors. The Bulk Dye is the most cost effective way to buy. We do not supply the salt and soda ash (fixative) with the Bulk Dye. These products are available far more cheaply at your local Makro or swimming pool store, than we can supply them to you. The extra chemicals also add considerably to the cost of shipping and our customers generally prefer to source their own.

For every 1kg of dye you will need 4kg of salt and 1kg of soda ash. The ratio of the chemicals is


1     :    4   :    1


“Thanks for all the info and clip. The girls had a ball and are totally hooked.” Sue Vincent

“Just to let you know that I had my Wow moment yesterday.I shall send you a photo later,but I had to let you know ! Kind regards and many thanks for my new colourful days !”Margaret Kohn, Artist

“Herewith photo's of the fun we had this weekend in colouring the t-shirts, that I bought the two Rainbow packs from you,  for our two teams taking part in CANSA's Relay For Life next weekend in Malmesbury. The ladies enjoyed it a lot they were like children couldnt wait to open the t-shirts. I had them all open it together at the same time and there was a roar of   "WOW's". They thanked me so much I am sure I am going to have a lot of ladies back to do some more colouring of t-shirts of their own with the different tying techniques and colours. I am so stupid that I didn't take a video on my camera the moment they opened the t-shirts that was such a special moment. Thanks for so much fun!”Anchen Ludick

“Thank you so much for the info it is going to help me tremendously! The Dye is very good I have coloured t-shirts  3 years ago and wear them regularly and the colours are still very good!” Anchen Ludick, Crafter

“I have some great ideas and can't wait to express them all with amazing colour and quality supplied by you! “ Gracelyn Zoe van der Westhuizen

“So the second set of boxes you sent arrived and I decided last night to make a shirt. I just want to say wow and thank you. It came out so amazing. I have been using sun colours to do previous tie dyeing and there is just no comparison with your dyes. The shirt is amazing and I didn’t expect it to come out right the first time but wow. I have attached a photo just because I think it’s so amazing. I’m going to just go through your site now and order a few more boxes. My next project is a set of bedding which i have done before but not with this kind of dye so I’m very excited!!!! Thanks” Angela Harrison

“ With Slipstream Dyes the pigment is more potent, bright and vibrant than the other commercial dyes.” Mapula Mkhabela, Textile Designer

“I've tried a lot of other brands, but yours seems to be brighter and i don't have to use as much to get a strong colour!”ShingaiNyagweta, Kuna Clothing

“I love your products!” Laetitia Botha

“Thanks once again for the dye, it works beautifully.” Lesley Jurgens

“…was very happy with the results.” Geoffrey Jiti

“I love your dye…” Heidi Greitz

“Super results!”Jen Leeflang

“I have a severe physical complaint – LOCKJAW – because of all the WOW stuff!” Glynis Jones

“The colours are incredibly vibrant and look fantastic.” Peta-Jane Grove

“They make old clothes like new!” David

“I meant to come back to you about our Creative Day.  We had an absolute ball!  What fun, and what excitement when we opened up and rinsed the shirts the next day.  We had some ‘odd’ looking ones, but for our first attempt, we were happy nevertheless.  We are a group of about 16 people going to Mozambique in August, and that is why we wanted to make t-shirts.  We made about 37 t-shirts, and are already plotting and planning different ones, as well as sarongs for our next Creative Day!”Margie Lamprecht

“…to prove they are colour fast I put my fabrics in the washing machine with an old white cotton towel - NO colour run !!!” Liz Armstrong, Quilter

“I so enjoyed working with the dye and my items sold so well.Thanks for making my life full of colour!!!”Kerry Fenn

Order your dye today and see for yourself how reliable and vibrant the colours are.