Bulk Dye

You can get Slipstream Dye in 250g and 1kg packs directly from Head Office. Please remember that there may be delays with orders from Head Office of up to four weeks, depending on availability of the imported chemicals. Bulk packs are only available from selected Stockists. Please phone the store and ask them if they have it in stock before you drive there. Our stores are independent resellers and we have no control over when and how they restock their shelves.

250g @ R999 per color

1kg @ R2999 per color

When you buy the Bulk Dye you get 250g of pure dye powder in a bag. 

You still need to source the salt and soda ash (fixative) yourself. Most of our customers prefer to do so because the salt and soda ash are available really cheap from Makro or your local swimming pool shop and the cost of shipping in the post is more expensive than buying it from your local store.

Any fine table salt will work.

Ask for soda ash by name. Do not by the pack marked "Shocker" it has other chemicals mixed in with it.

We sell Bulk Dye by weight. Because the colors have different size molecules, 250g of one color might look like less to the eye than 250g of another.


If you are interested in coming on board as a reseller of our branded products, we have opportunities in all areas. 

Do you have a network of friends who you think you might be able to sell the kits to? Are you a member of a quilting guild who needs to make some extra money on the side? Do you host children's birthday parties? Do you own a craft retail store?

Our pricing model is set up so that our resellers sell the product for twice the amount they pay for it. If you spend R5000 on kits, you can resell them for R10000. Our pricing is standard across all stores. 

The minimum order requirement to qualify for wholesale pricing is R5000 worth of Box Kits. R5000 qualifies you for the Wholesale price. All orders under R5000 are at the standard Retail price without exception. If you do not spend R5000, the price is the same for everyone at the Retail price level. We do not restock at this price for orders of less than R5000. You earn the benefit of the Wholesale pricing by spending R5000 with us. Orders under R5000 are not considered as "Wholesale".

We do not discount Bulk Dye in this way. Wholesale pricing is only for the Box Kits. Bulk Dye has already been discounted.

Shipping is your cost to cover.

As soon as you come on board as a Stockist, we will add you to this website so that our customers in your area can easily find you.


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