We bring you Rainbow Wow Moments!

Workshops And Classes

Rainbow dyeing, colour mixing, lino printing, printing with found objects, book publishing, protecting your copyright, costing and pricing your handmade products, using lino stamps to make your own colouring pages...

and MANY more!

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Fabric Dye Kits

Reactive dyes for PLANT fibers, acid dyes for ANIMAL fibers, lino, stamps, tie dye kits, ph tester strips, books, DVD's, silk scarves...

We will send you what you need to transform your white fabrics into rainbows. Contact us today for a price list and order form and we will send you what you need with Postnet (South Africa only).

Or, if you prefer to walk into a store to buy off the shelf, click through to our Stockists page.


Many of you are beginners with questions. We have a number of eBooks that answer your specific questions about dyeing and printing fabric, copyright, costing and pricing your handmade products and other topics.

Scroll through our list of eBooks to find the answers to your specific questions.